Abstract: Patient empowerment provides patients with an ability to actively influence their health. Increased adoption of wearable technologies and “smart” devices can simplify the collection of patient generated data and provide the means for educating patients; however information alone does not always suffice. In order to be effective, interventions have to be delivered at the appropriate time and be both meaningful and actionable for patients. Targeted actions that inspire and motivate have higher chances modify behaviors in a positive way. Gamification uses game elements in non game contexts. The use of gamification in health apps has gained traction and is now a popular strategy in both commercial and academic fields to drive user behavior. Can these gamification strategies simplify the development of engaging and impactful health applications? How can effective gamified interventions be designed? This workshop offers participants the chance to learn the basics of gamification and engagement strategies, and to explore new design trends and approaches for building health applications that motivate patients.

Learning Objective 1: Know the basics of gamification strategies
Understand the foundational science and research behind gamification

Learning Objective 2: Know the basics of player types and how they can be applied
Learn how to apply reward systems

Learning Objective 3: Understand the principles of User-Centered Design

Learning Objective 4: Tailor gamified interventions for healthcare scenarios


Guido Giunti (Presenter)
Salumedia Tecnologias

Yauheni Solad, Yale New Haven Hospital System
Stian Jessen, Oslo University Hospital

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