Abstract: Diet-related chronic diseases are on the rise. Current dietary management approaches are mostly calorie-counter tools that draw our attention away from the nutritional quality of our food choices. To improve consumers’ dietary behavior, we need a simple technique to educate them about nutrition and increase their understanding of the nutritional quality of their food. This study aims to design a dietary tool to promote a nutrient-dense diet. To this end, we applied the concept of Nutrient Profiling to classify food recipes based on their nutritional quality, by developing the Intelligent Nutrition Engine. This engine undergirds our mobile-based application, Easy Nutrition, which was designed to enable users to find food recipes and understand their nutritional quality. To evaluate the usability and understandability of our approach, we piloted the prototype of Easy Nutrition on 24 consumers. The results indicate that our approach provides a sustainable avenue to help consumers manage their diets.

Learning Objective 1: Formulate a new methodology to educate patients with diet-related chronic diseases about nutrition so they can better manage their diets and improve their dietary behavior.


Mayda Alrige (Presenter)
Claremont Graduate University

Samir Chatterjee, Claremont Graduate University
Ernie Medina, Loma Linda University
Jeje Noval, Loma Linda University

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