Abstract: Biomedical ontologies are large and complex knowledge representation systems. We have developed a software system called the Ontology Abstraction Framework (OAF) to create, visualize, and explore summaries of ontologies called abstraction networks. We have used abstraction networks to support comprehension of ontology structure, ontology quality assurance, and ontology change analysis. The OAF is composed of several modules and supports ontologies in various formats. We will demonstrate several applications of ontology summarization using the OAF. Several components of the OAF, such as the Visual Semantic Delta (VSD), which identifies and summarizes the effects of editorial efforts applied to SNOMED CT, and Live Abstraction Networks (LAbNs), which are structural summaries created “on the fly” as a user edits an ontology in Protégé, will be presented.

Learning Objective 1: Learn how ontology summarization can support various applications

Learning Objective 2: Learn how the ontology abstraction network (OAF) supports various ontology applications through summarization


Christopher Ochs, New Jersey Institute of Technology
James Geller, (Presenter)
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Yehsoshua Perl, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Presentation Materials: