Abstract: There is unmet potential for digital tools to help frail elderly and people with multiple chronic conditions. We interviewed patients, caregivers and system stakeholders to identify key functions of a digital health advisor (DHA), and the constraints to its development and dissemination. Efforts should focus on thriving rather than disease management, include a broad collaboration to develop it, and a novel set of incentives and new business models to sustain it.

Learning Objective 1: After participating in this session, the learner should be better able to:

-Identify policy and system barriers to their own consumer health digital tools and formulate strategies to overcome them


Onil Bhattacharyya (Presenter)
University of Toronto

Arnav Shah, The Commonwealth Fund
Lovisa Gustafsson, The Commonwealth Fund
Kathryn Mossman, Women's College Hospital
Eric Schneider, The Commonwealth Fund

Presentation Materials: