Abstract: Despite the shift towards collaborative healthcare and the increase in the use of eHealth technologies, there does not currently exist a model for the measurement of eHealth readiness in interdisciplinary healthcare teams. This research aims to address this gap in the literature through the development of a three phase methodology incorporating qualitative and quantitative methods. We propose a conceptual measurement model consisting of operationalized themes affecting readiness across four factors: (i) Organizational Capabilities, (ii) Team Capabilities, (iii) Patient Capabilities, and (iv) Technology Capabilities. The creation of this model will allow for the measurement of the readiness of interdisciplinary healthcare teams to use eHealth technologies to improve patient outcomes.

Learning Objective 1: In this paper, we help to :
1. Identify aspects of their healthcare environment influencing eHealth readiness for healthcare teams.
2. Use the Delphi method to understand and evaluate complex problems such as readiness within the context of eHealth


James Phillips, The University of Sydney
Simon Poon (Presenter)
The University of Sydney

Dan Yu, The University of Sydney
Mary Lam, University of Technology Sydney
Monique Hines, University of Sydney
Melissa Brunner, University of Sydney
Emma Power, University of Sydney
Melanie Keep, University of Sydney
Tim Shaw, University of Sydney
Leanne Togher, University of Sydney

Presentation Materials: