Abstract: Continuity of care (COC) is a cornerstone of quality health care; however, considerable debate exists regarding its definition and measurement. Existing assessments rely on varying COC definitions, address single aspects of continuity, and yield scores for patients rather than providers. More robust models using electronic health records can address these issues. We propose a multi-step probabilistic model, applied at the provider level, to assess continuity for patients, providers, and clinics within the same framework.

Learning Objective 1: Develop a multi-step probabilistic framework for measuring continuity of care regarding provider by using Markov decision process.

Learning Objective 2: Show the transition between providers and calculate different aspects of continuity associated with density, dispersion, and sequence of visits.

Learning Objective 3: The proposed model can be extended by employing transitions between hospitals and/or clinics to assess the performance of the site regarding continuity.


Kazim Topuz, Oklahoma State University
Scott Shepherd, Oklahoma State University
William Paiva, Oklahoma State University
Dursun Delen, Oklahoma State University
Krista Schumacher, Oklahoma State University
Shrie Raam Sathyanarayanan (Presenter)
Oklahoma State University

Mehmet Yildirim, Wichita State University

Presentation Materials: