Abstract: In modern life, the nonstop and pervasive stress tends to keep us on long-lasting high alert, which over time, could lead to a broad range of health problems from depression, metabolic disorders to heart diseases. However, there is a stunning lack of practical tools for effective stress management that can help people navigate through their daily stress. This paper presents the feasibility evaluation of StressHacker, a smartwatch-based system designed to continuously and passively monitor one’s stress level using bio-signals obtained from the on-board sensors. With the proliferation of smartwatches, StressHacker is highly accessible and suited for daily use. Our preliminary evaluation is based on 300 hours of data collected in a real-life setting (12 subjects, 29 days). The result suggests that StressHacker is capable of reliably capturing daily stress dynamics (precision = 86.1%, recall = 91.2%), thus with great potential to enable seamless and personalized stress management.

Learning Objective 1: Exploring the possibilities and feasibility of using wearbables to advance the automation and personalization of stress management.


Tian Hao (Presenter)
IBM Research

Kimberly Walter, IBM Research
Marion Ball, IBM Research
Hung-yang Chang, IBM Research
Si Sun, IBM Research
XinXin Zhu, IBM Research

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