Abstract: In 2015, the Institute of Medicine released Capturing Social and Behavioral Domains and Measures in Electronic Health Records: Phase 2. This document identified core domains that were recommended for inclusion in patients’ health histories, and endorsed specific measures for each of these core domains. This work reflected the substantial impact of these factors on patients, families and communities.
This panel is designed to share the experience of a diverse set of stakeholders who have been engaged in the recognition of social determinants of health (SDH) factors on health status and the current and future state of SDH domains and measures within electronic health records. The panel will present the current ONC (Office of the National Coordinator) perspective on the 2015 HIT (Health Information Technology) certification criteria that included many of the IOM endorsed domains and measures, highlight the critical work that a standards development organization (LOINC) plays both currently and in the future, implementation challenges identified and addressed within a health care system (Verzola), and the integration and use of SDH data within primary health care (Puro). The panel presentations will emphasize lessons learned as well as current and future barriers that can be addressed to foster more inclusion of SDH factors in clinical care.
This panel is sponsored by the AMIA Social Determinants of Health (SDH) discussion group

Learning Objective 1: Understand historical and current policy for HIT and social determinants of health

Learning Objective 2: Understand various types of social determinants of health data and appropriate standards for their effective utilization

Learning Objective 3: Evaluate methods for collecting social determinants of health data in EHRs, and the challenges of collecting and using such information

Learning Objective 4: Formulate methods for using patient and community-level social determinants of health in direct clinical care as well as research studies.


Jon Puro (Presenter)
Ochin, Inc.

Daniel Vreeman (Presenter)
Regenstrief Institute

Albert Taylor (Presenter)
Department of Health and Human Services

Christopher Alban (Presenter)

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