Abstract: The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) launched an initiative in 2016 aimed at accelerating the movement of evidence into practice through clinical decision support (CDS). One component, known as “CDS Connect”, is a contractual effort with the MITRE Corporation to build a national repository for CDS knowledge artifacts. CDS knowledge artifacts range from computer-interpretable, formal logic statements derived from clinical practice guidelines to results of CDS testing, implementation guides, links to primary research evidence, and other resources designed to leverage CDS as means for quality improvement. Attendees of this system demonstration will learn: how to access the repository; how to search, sort, and save available CDS artifacts; how to contribute and download CDS artifacts; how to leverage application programming interfaces supported by the repository; and how to view and contribute to user feedback. Attendees will also view a demonstration of a CDS authoring tool that allows CDS developers to more efficiently create and share standards-based, interoperable CDS artifacts. As part of the AHRQ initiative, CDS Connect is building prototype infrastructure for making CDS more shareable, standards-based, and publicly-available.

Learning Objective 1: Access CDS Connect and establish a user account.

Learning Objective 2: View, sort, and download publicly-available clinical decision support artifacts through CDS Connect.

Learning Objective 3: Evaluate clinical decision support artifacts and contribute feedback by submitting the appropriate information through CDS Connect.


Edwin Lomotan (Presenter)
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Robert McCready, The MITRE Corporation
Steven Bernstein, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Presentation Materials: