Abstract: Generating and utilizing exposomes in translational in nature. In this presentation, we discuss the development of a conceptual representation of exposome for translational research. We extracted and categorized the types of data and studies performed with exposomic data and related them exposomic domains in order to indicate use of exposomic data and their associated uncertainties. Integration of these data requires capturing associated metadata and uncertainties.

Learning Objective 1: Learn about the concept of exposome

Learning Objective 2: Translation nature of exposomic nature

Learning Objective 3: Informatics implications of using heterogeneous exposomic data in research studies


Ramkiran Gouripeddi (Presenter)
University of Utah

Nicole Burnett, University of Utah
Mollie Cummins, University of Utah
Julio Facelli, University of Utah
Katherine Sward, University of Utah

Presentation Materials: