Abstract: We explore enrollment and engagement with a self-tracking research app during its first 100 days after launch. We analyze the tracking behaviors of its 1,184 participants and their use of novel features we developed on top of the ResearchKit framework: customizable tracking, moment and day-level tracking, and retroactive tracking. We find that active recruitment is critical, and aligning tracking functionalities with the way in which patients experience their disease shows promise in engaging participants.

Learning Objective 1: Understand innovative approaches to research that uses mobile technology and is engaging to patients.

Learning Objective 2: Describe the benefits and drawbacks of different design approaches in app-based research.


Mollie McKillop (Presenter)
Columbia University

Sylvia English, Columbia University
Sharib Khan, Applied Informatics
Chintan Patel, Applied Informatics
Noemie Elhadad, Columbia University

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