Abstract: The goal of this project is to use a Conversational Agent (CA) ‘advisor’ to emulate face-to-face communication best practices, to assist patients with their understanding and use of health information such as clinical test results, presented through an Electronic Health Record (EHR) patient portal system. We conclude that the CA is intelligible and inspire patients’ satisfaction, but that there is potential to improve the CA in order to make it equally preferred by patients.

Learning Objective 1: Recognize the potential use of Conversational Agents (CAs) to explain clinical test results in patient portals.

Learning Objective 2: Improve the use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) portal information by older adults with diverse numeracy and literacy abilities, so that portals can better support patient-centered care.


Renato Azevedo (Presenter)

Kuangxiao Gu, UIUC
Yang Zhang, UIUC
Victor Sadauskas, UICOMP
Tarek Sakakini, UIUC
Daniel Morrow, UIUC
Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, UIUC
Thomas Huang, UIUC
Suma Bhat, UIUC
Ann Willemsen-Dunlap, UICOMP
Donald Halpin, UICOMP
James Graumlich, UICOMP
William Schuh, Carle Foundation Hospital

Presentation Materials: