Abstract: The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has launched an ambitious multi-component initiative with two primary aims: to accelerate the movement of evidence into practice through clinical decision support (CDS) and to bring CDS closer to becoming more shareable, standards-based, and publicly-available. This panel will discuss progress thus far and visions for the future based on lessons learned. The initiative includes: 1) The Patient-Centered CDS Learning Network, which is building a community for engaging patients, clinicians, CDS developers and implementers, professional societies, and other stakeholders; 2) CDS Connect, which is building prototype infrastructure for sharing CDS, including a CDS authoring tool and a national CDS repository; 3) research grants to develop new CDS and to scale existing CDS to new sites and systems; and 4) evaluation. Audience members will learn how the Patient-Centered CDS Learning Network is engaging stakeholders to explore and advance the concept of “patient-centered CDS,” how to contribute and use shareable CDS artifacts through CDS Connect and its repository, about current grants and funding opportunities to move evidence into practice through CDS on a wider scale, and how to participate in the overall initiative.

Learning Objective 1: Apply the Analytic Framework for Action to clinical decision support and quality improvement processes within their organization.

Learning Objective 2: Formulate an approach to incorporating patient preferences and values when developing and implementing clinical decision support.

Learning Objective 3: Access, view, and download clinical decision support artifacts available through CDS Connect.


Edwin Lomotan (Presenter)
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Dave deBronkart (Presenter)
Society for Participatory Medicine

Barry Blumenfeld (Presenter)
RTI International

Robert McCready (Presenter)
The MITRE Corporation

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