Abstract: We examine the effectiveness of patient-driven text messaging (TM) for African-American adults with uncontrolled diabetes and multiple chronic conditions in medically underserved areas. Poor self-care behaviors are common, but behavioral interventions to improve self-care are intensive and expensive. TM is an effective, low cost approach, but effective delivery methods remain unknown. We present our approach for compiling and managing patient data, and how we adapted technology to use these same data for our clinical trial.

Learning Objective 1: The audience member will be able to evaluate the need for multi-tiered/layer mHealth technologies to serve complex health research.

Learning Objective 2: The audience member will be able to determine the potential and/or necessity for non-traditional outreach methods to enahce self-care in minority and medically underserved populations (e.g. use of text messaging/SMS for mass outreach).

Learning Objective 3: The audience member will be better able to perform clinical research informatics discovery at clinical practice levels to determine the potential/possible utitlity of mHealth applications in serving minority and medically underserved groups.


Ian Brooks (Presenter)
Medstar Health Research Institute

Justin Gatwood, UTHSC
Bonnie Binkley, UTHSC
Emmanuel Villa, UTHSC
Jennifer Featherston, UTHSC
James Bailey, UTHSC

Presentation Materials: