Abstract: Obesity is associated with increased risks of various types of cancer. Access to health information activates patient participation improving their health outcomes. Formal knowledge representations would help organizing obesity and cancer information that consumers need. To make this data available, we present a novel framework, based on NLP techniques, to curate an obesity and cancer knowledge base from PubMed abstracts. Our initial testing on a small manually curated gold-standard dataset shows promising results.

Learning Objective 1: Formulate an approach to automate the construction of semantic web knowledge bases using natural lanaguge processing techniques.


Juan Antonio Lossio-Ventura, University of Florida
William Hogan, University of Florida
Fran├žois Modave, University of Florida
Amanda Hicks, University of Florida
Yi Guo, University of Florida
Zhe He, Florida State
Mirela Vasconcelos, University of Florida
Jiang Bian (Presenter)
University of Florida

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