Abstract: An online support usage survey was completed by 30 adult blood and marrow transplant (BMT) patients at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center (MCC). Results show that most patients, even with low socio-economic status, use advanced communication technologies regularly. Furthermore, these patients do not access cancer-related online support, and do want to seek health information and communicate with providers/peers online. Cancer center-sponsored online support may overcome patients’ barriers to accessing necessary support.

Learning Objective 1: The conference attendee will learn about the access and usage of the Internet, mobile technolog, and online support among Bone Marrow Transplant patients.

Learning Objective 2: The conference attendee can interact with the presrntator for discussion of the potential to develop online support systems for bone marrow transplant patients.


Ming-Yuan Chih (Presenter)
University of Kentucky

Jennifer Christian, University of Kentucky
Kang Namkoong, University of Kentucky
Miranda Hatfield, University of Kentucky
Meghan Johnson, University of Kentucky
Rancie Hannah, University of Kentucky
Jamie Studts, University of Kentucky
Robin Vanderpool, University of Kentucky
Gerhard Hildebrandt, University of Kentucky

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