Abstract: This poster presents the usability assessment of a mobile app developed to allow obstetric providers easier access to evidence-based decision tools for managing perinatal depression. We provide evidence on the need for simple decision support tools that can be utilized in clinical settings during patient visits.

Learning Objective 1: Understand of the process of developing mobile health based clinical decision support tools

Learning Objective 2: Formulate studies evaluating usability of mobile health tools


Bengisu Tulu (Presenter)

Nicolas Adami-Sampson, WPI
Trivani Shahi, WPI
Nicholas Shannon, WPI
Leif Waugh, WPI
Drew Wethern, WPI
Nancy Byatt, Univeristy of Massachusetts Medical School
Tiffany Moore Simas, Univeristy of Massachusetts Medical School
Kathleen Biebel, Univeristy of Massachusetts Medical School

Presentation Materials: