Abstract: For analyzing prescription datasets, usually one wishes to identify drugs by classes rather than U.S. FDA National Drug Codes. We demonstrate how to utilize the NLM RxNorm online API to map NDCs to WHO Anatomical-Therapeutic-Chemical classes, and present statistics and caveats of mapping 71,309 NDCs found in Medicare Part D claims from 2006 to 2013 and 134,580 NDCs found in a commercial all-payer claims dataset from Partners Healthcare from 2011 to 2012.

Learning Objective 1: How to use the NLM RxNorm online API to map FDA National Drug Codes to WHO Anatomical-Therapeutic-Chemical level 4 classes.

Learning Objective 2: Understand the caveats of mapping NDCs to ATC level 4 classes.

Learning Objective 3: Know statistics of mapping large datasets of NDCs from Medicare and all-payer datasets to their ATC-4 classes.


Fabricio Kury (Presenter)
National Library of Medicine

Olivier Bodenreider, National Library of Medicine

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