Abstract: Advances in technical and informatics capabilities have resulted in increased numbers of biorepositories, and increased complexity in the management and use of specimens, data, and information managed within repositories and across networks. Our goal is development of an ontology of informed consent metadata in the context of biorepositories. We report on a scoping review to identify relevant metadata, and NLP-enrichment applied to that literature corpus in order to provide an evidence-based foundation for the ontology.

Learning Objective 1: Participants will understand processes used to establish a 'pipeline' from scoping reviews as evidence to a knowledge-based ontology.


Marcelline Harris (Presenter)
University of Michigan

Frank Manion, University of Michigan
Hsing-Yi Song, University of Texas Health Science Center
Yongqun He, University of Michigan
Muhamamd Amith, University of Texas Health Science Center
Cui Tao, University of Texas Health Science Center

Presentation Materials: