The purpose of this study was to validate two Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) focused on knowledge and self-management for adults with diabetes. These two NOC outcomes were as a measurement tool developed to evaluate nursing intervention effectiveness for diabetic patients. The Delphi technique was used and 16 nurse experts participated in this study. The results provided strong validity of both NOC outcomes. Development of new NOC outcomes and their validation will provide nurses with clinical evidence for quality improvement and knowledge development.

Learning Objective 1: Readers can understand what are Knowledge and Self-Management NOC outcomes for people with diabetes and the results of their validation.

Learning Objective 2: Nurses can use the validated NOC outcomes for patients with diabetes to evaluate their outcomes and determine the effects of nursing interventions accurately.

Learning Objective 3:
Nursing students can understand and utilize the outcomes to specific populations based on linguistic accuracy of the validated outcomes.


Hyunkyoung Oh (Presenter)
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Sue Moorhead, University of Iowa

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