Abstract: Entity resolution (ER) is a fundamental problem in combining patient data from heterogeneous sources to provide a unified and holistic view of the patient. However, ER in healthcare is not a trivial task due to privacy concerns. In building the OneFlorida Clinical Data Research Network (CDRN), we adapted a privacy-preserving ER solution in linking a patient’s data records that exist in different partners’ electronic health record (EHR) systems and health care claims databases across the network.

Learning Objective 1: Formulate a strategy for linking and deduplicating patient records from different sources in a privacy-preserving manner.

Learning Objective 2: Evaluate entity resolution solutions and understand the key metrics that are often used in these solutions.


Jiang Bian (Presenter)
University of Florida

Andrei Sura, University of Florida
Gloria Lipori, University of Florida
Yi Guo, University of Florida
François Modave, University of Florida
Zhe He, Florida State
Elizabeth Shenkman, University of Florida
William Hogan, University of Florida

Presentation Materials: