Abstract: iCONCUR (informed CONsent for clinical data and biosample Use for Research) is a web-based consent management system that allows patients to indicate their data sharing preferences in a tiered manner (https://ctri-iconcur.ucsd.edu). We are currently revising iCONCUR based on the lessons learned from a pilot study and will test it with a larger sample of patients recruited from the two academic health systems. During this study period, the sharing preferences of participating patients will be honored – i.e., data that they do not wish to share will be excluded from the datasets prepared for researchers.

Learning Objective 1: The learning objective for this poster is to discuss the process by which an online informed consent management system for data sharing choices operates and interacts with the EHR.


Elizabeth Bell (Presenter)

Diana Guijarro, UCSD
Imho Jang, UCSD
Wenhong Zhu, UCSD
Tyler Bath, UCSD
Gwangnoh Yun, UCSD
Masud Rahman, UCSD
chao jiang, UCSD
Xiaoqian Jiang, UCSD
Lucila Ohno-Machado, UCSD
Hyeoneui Kim, UCSD

Presentation Materials: