Abstract: This paper examines adoption of advanced EHR functions - related to use of EHR data for performance measurement and patient engagement - in US hospitals. We find highly varied adoption, and that critical access hospitals are less likely to have both types of advanced functions adopted. This suggests that, while we largely avoided a digital divide in terms of EHR adoption, we are seeing the emergence of a digitial divide in terms of use of EHRs in ways that are critical to improving the quality of care.

Learning Objective 1: To learn about current state of EHR adoption in US hospitals as well as adoption of advanced EHR functions related to performance measurement to support quality improvement and patient engagement.

Learning Objective 2: To identify the types of hospitals that are less likely to have adopted advanced EHR functions.


Julia Adler-Milstein (Presenter)
University of Michigan

A Holmgren, University of Michigan

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