Research Fellow
Mayo Clinic

Research Fellow
My research interests include NLP, Data Mining, Information Extraction, Healthcare Informatics, Sentiment Analysis, E-Learning, Corpus Linguistics and Software Engineering. I have published my research articles in well-known conferences and journals. I have been involved in writing-up research project proposals for the European Union projects and have made several presentations in top international conferences. Moreover, I have served as a reviewer for many international conferences and journals. I had worked as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, King Abdulaziz University (KAU) North Branch Jeddah, KSA. I received my PhD degree in Computational Linguistics at the University of Wolverhampton, UK (2011) and a Master’s degree in Advanced Software Engineering at the University of Sheffield, UK (2007). During my PhD at Research Institute of Information and Language Processing (RIILP), University of Wolverhampton, I worked on the automatic generation of mutliple-choice questions from the biomedical domain. The title of my PhD thesis was "Unsupverised Relation Extraction For E-Learning Applications"​ and it is accessible online via following link: http://clg.wlv.ac.uk/papers/afzal-thesis.pdf Moreover, I have attended Several Research Skills Development Workshops held at the University of Wolverhampton, UK (2007-2011). At KAU, apart from supervising final year students in their final year projects, I have taught the following courses to Computer Science and Information Systems undergraduate students : - Artificial Intelligence - Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Basic and Advance levels) - Principal of Information Systems - Enterprise Architecture - Software Quality and Testing - Software Design Patterns - Software Economics - Advanced Programming (JAVA) - Professional Computing Issues

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