Senior Physician Informaticist
RTI International

Senior Physician Informaticist at RTI International
A formally trained Physician Informaticist with a record of executive leadership in healthcare information systems design, development, implementation, and optimization. Adept at reconciling the pressing needs of clinicians with the data and performance objectives of healthcare institutions. Has a demonstrated record of success in the areas of: •Electronic Health Record adoption: Successfully deployed both ambulatory and acute care EHRs in complex, multi-institution settings. •IT Leadership: Created the vision and executed the plan for adoption of a single highly integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) across 8 hospitals and 250 ambulatory practices in southern Maine. •Healthcare Analytics: Drove the design and development of a system-wide data warehouse and analytic suite and participated in the design of a regional start-up implemented to manage population health under an accountable care agreement. •Healthcare information standards and policy: Influenced federal standards and policy development through committee work on industry and government groups. •Systems integration and interoperability: Formally trained in medical terminologies, system integration techniques and modern implementation methodologies. Created the product integration strategy used by GE Healthcare’s systems group and formulated the IT architectural reference model utilized at Partners Healthcare in Boston.